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    Neil H Music includes a back catalogue of over 20 alternative and new age albums containing relaxing music perfect for meditation, healing and alternative therapies.

    We hope that throughout this site we can give you an insight into the musical works that have brought peace and calm to many.

    It is very difficult to find high quality music for alternative therapies. This is why we introduced our wholesale arrangement. This arrangement allows therapists the opportunity to earn extra revenue by selling CD’s of the music they use during their treatments. This arrangement benefits both parties as we know from experience that people often request information on the music they have listened to during their treatments.

    If you are interested in our wholesale opportunity of purchasing CD’s at a reduced rate (minimum order 10cds of a title) then please use our contact form to get in touch.

    If you would like to receive notification of special offers and free downloads please join our mailing list by clicking on the Yellow ribbon in the top right hand corner of the featured music player.



    With effect from 16th February 2015 all albums have now been reduced from £10.99 to £9.99 + p&p. This is a permanent pricing change and doesn’t form part of a special offer. The new pricing applies to physical CD’s and also Digital Downloads. These new prices are only available exclusively via this site.


    At times, albums are offered as part of a bundle or at special discounted prices for a limited period. If a special offer is currently running, you will find it on the OFFERS page and these offers will ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE.


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    With effect from 16th February all albums have been to £9.99 + p&p from £10.99. This new pricing change reflects changes within the industry and brings Neil’s music into line with other artists …


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