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    • CD Duration:
    • 62 Minutes




    Mermaid touches the heart and gently weaves its way through 62 minutes of peaceful music. The sound of the Mermaids song guides you on a special journey helping you to find your own inner calmness.  This work of music represents a significant change on my personal life path.

    Mermaid also continues my interest in producing music connected with mystic and mythological themes, following on from Secrets of Faeries and Syllabus of Magic.

    Suitable for all types of alternative therapies, meditation and healing.

    Mermaid artwork by Patrick Gamble

    • No.
    • Track Title
    • Duration
    • Preview
    • Price
    • 01
    • Into The Abyss
    • 05:02
    • Price: £1.11
    • 02
    • To Dream Of Pearls
    • 09:58
    • Price: £1.11
    • 03
    • Divine
    • 03:14
    • Price: £1.11
    • 04
    • Soulmates
    • 06:55
    • Price: £1.11
    • 05
    • Beauty From The Depths
    • 10:04
    • Price: £1.11
    • 06
    • Sacred Space
    • 05:01
    • Price: £1.11
    • 07
    • Purest Heart
    • 05:24
    • Price: £1.11
    • 08
    • Ocean Goddess
    • 07:03
    • Price: £1.11
    • 09
    • Mermaid
    • 08:10
    • Price: £1.11

    Comments (6)

    1. Judith Kelman

      Hi Neil, I thought I had left a comment, but as I don’t see it I’m not sure! 🙂
      Am playing ‘Mermaid’ right now.
      It is definitely the best thing you have produced.
      Before this one my favourite was ‘Oceanologie’
      This one I first heard during my meditation class and just had to have it!
      Very powerful stuff…..thank you.

    2. Judith Kelman

      Have had Mermaid for more than a week now and love it very much.
      I first heard it at my meditation class and found it very powerful
      Thank you Neil

    3. Eros Silva

      I like so much of Sacred Space !

      • Neil H

        Hi Eros,

        I am sorry it has taken a while to respond to your message – I have been extremely busy with exciting new projects. That said I am so pleased you love ‘Sacred Space’ it is a very special album to me too. I will shortly be publishing a series of videos which explain the story behind each of the albums together with a free download of a track from each album to accompany each video. This is exclusive to my mailing list so if you are not subscribed already please do so and you will be included when I sent out the first installment. Thanks for making contact and your kind words.

        Kind Regards,
        Neil H

    4. Kris Ball

      I have just listened to the preview of Mermaid. Beautiful, you have done it again!
      I now know what I want for my birthday!
      Have a peaceful Christmas Neil
      Love and light

      • Neil H

        Hi Kris,

        Please accept my apology for not responding to your comment earlier. It’s been a very busy time with new and exciting projects and some significant changes here. Mermaid was my first new album for some time and I am so glad you like it. I am working on a new album release for just after Christmas this year. It will form the last part of what I call the ‘Enchantment Series’ so keep an eye open for sneak previews of the tracks from this album just prior to Christmas. Thanks for your kind words.

        Take Care,
        Neil H

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