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    • CD Duration:
    • 67 Minutes

    Secrets Of Faeries



    This album is basically a love story delving into the secret realm of Faerie. The cover painting by Jack Shalatain depicting the spiritual connection of Oberon and Titania reflects strongly in the music and was very inspirational to many of the albums restful themes.

    Using harp, flutes, choirs and very much piano, this album emanates strong feelings that can touch the soul. The Dartmoor musician Nigel Shaw added his haunting flute to one of the two wedding songs that were specially written for this album. I feel the theme of love is one of the strong features within this music.

    Secrets of Faeries is fast becoming Neils most popular album due to its totally relaxing nature. Also becoming recommended and used throughout the UK and Europe for healing and meditation due to each track being linked together to create a continuous flow of gentle and relaxing music.

    More of Jack Shalatains work can be found at

    • No.
    • Track Title
    • Duration
    • Preview
    • Price
    • 01
    • Secret Garden
    • 9:01
    • Price: £1.11
    • 02
    • Wedding Song
    • 6:04
    • Price: £1.11
    • 03
    • Moonpath
    • 9:10
    • Price: £1.11
    • 04
    • Heartsong
    • 8:26
    • Price: £1.11
    • 05
    • My Faerie Love
    • 6:40
    • Price: £1.11
    • 06
    • Letting Go
    • 5:26
    • Price: £1.11
    • 07
    • The Parting
    • 9:26
    • Price: £1.11
    • 08
    • Dawnsong
    • 3:20
    • Price: £1.11
    • 09
    • The Remembering
    • 8:49
    • Price: £1.11

    Comments (13)

    1. lydia

      Just perfect. Thank you x

    2. Rachel

      I’ve recently started listening to this album over spotify and i must say it’s beautiful its captured my soul and every time i listen i get transported back into the world of the fae, i thought i lost contact but thanks to this album i’ve found my way home. <3 <3 <3

      • Neil H

        Hi Rachel,

        Thank you for making contact, I am glad you can join us here on Neil H Music and thanks for the kind words. Lots will be happening in the next few months, I already released a free track for newsletter subscribers so be sure to join my list if you want to receive it. Happy New Year.

        Neil H.

    3. Chloe

      Wow I absolutely love this album. Again like some of the others on this site, I heard it playing in a shop in cheddar and bought it straight away. Now me and my sister listen to it every night before we go to sleep with out fail. The music on here is so beautiful, soothing and peaceful and in the future I will play it to my children also. I love the story behind some of these song being used at a special wedding ect… I will defiantly been looking in to buying some more of your music.

      • Neil H

        Hi Chloe,

        It does seem that I am popular in Cheddar – how humbling! I am so pleased that you are finding that my music helps you. I am always grateful to hear from listeners as to how they use my music. I am working on an exciting new project at the moment which will involve the use of my music with Children’s Stories – can’t say too much at the moment as we have just started but I am sure your children will love it. Thanks for making contact and for your kind words. Kind Regards, Neil H

    4. Keith

      I can echo Jenny’s comment above, we too went to Cheddar Gorge a couple of years ago and a gift shop had this album playing at the time. I asked what it was and if it was on sale, knocked out when the answer was yes. Now I’ve found the web site will investigate further.

      • Neil H

        Hi Keith,

        I didn’t even know my music was in a Gift Shop in Cheddar Gorge! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for your kind words. Work is currently underway on a rather special project at the moment too – can’t say too much just yet. Keep an eye on the new OFFERS page on the site, I will be making certain albums available at a discount for a limited period over the forthcoming months. Hope you like the new website and you get a chance to have a listen to some of my other work.

        Neil H

    5. Jenny Guest

      Heard this playing in a shop in Cheddar Gorge and thought it sounded beautiful. My husband bought it for me and it is quite beautiful, not a single note that I don’t love. Am looking forward to discovering more of your music, you have a very special gift, thank you.

      • Neil H

        Hi Jenny,

        Thank you for your kind words and I am really pleased you have taken the time to leave a comment. I love to hear from listeners of my music as it makes it all feel worthwhile.

        Neil H

    6. katrina Mallows

      i love love love all your music, wish I could afford them all. Have bought secret of the faeries and I put it on all the time in my classroom. My students love listening to this music whilst working and it keeps me calm too lol. Keep up the great work
      Many Thanks

      • Neil H

        Hi Katrina,

        Thanks for your kind words. I am very honoured that you are playing my music to your students – what type of work are they doing? Keep an eye on my offers page as I do discount my albums from time to time and offer various bundles. I also offer incentives to people on my mailing list, so if you aren’t subscribed already join the fun and you will receive the next offer. Thank you for leaving me a message.

        Neil H

    7. sandra nuñez

      Hola. In Which álbum van I find ‘dance of a greenwood faerie’ I would like to Buy it.


      • NeilH

        Hi Sandra,

        Thanks for visiting my website. The track “Dance Of The Greenwood Faerie” can be found on my album ‘Naturalista’ Hope this helps.

        Neil H.

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