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  • Neil H composer of Ambient, Relaxing, Healing Electronic New Age music.

    Neil has always found music empowering, uplifting and able to change the feel or mood of a situation, weather it be a melody, a score from a movie or a song played on the radio.

    Music has a profound effect on our everyday lives and sound is always everywhere.

    Neil was first inspired by the use of electronic sounds during his school days and he loved the way that wherever your intentions may lead you could always express that thought, feeling and energy through sound, in the same way an artist would do with paint or a writer with words.

    Apart from a few Creative Study lessons, which were more a case of having fun with music and learning to develop skills by arranging ideas as a way of working and communicating in a group environment, Neil has had no music lessons at all, and has developed his musical abilities by playing by ear and from the heart.

    Neil loves the feeling of being free with sounds, to be able to use the medium of music as a channel for personal expression, he play’s intuitively and by feeling the sounds flow through him weaving textures of rhythm and melody, creating various soundscapes which may uplift and inspire.

    There have been numerous inspirational musicians who  have influenced Neil’s musical journey and who’s work even now still gives him goose bumps, either from a haunting melody or a use of chords that can literally send a shiver down his spine.

    Neil feels very fortunate and blessed to share his music and create a space of calm and relaxation for whomever connects with his sound.