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    50% Off Relaxation Music for Wholesalers

    Do you own a gift shop, day spa or are you an alternative therapy practitioner ?

    Do people regularly ask you “Where can I get the music you played during my treatment ?”

    Would you like to earn additional revenue by selling relaxation music ?

    Recently we have been approached by a number of alternative therapy practitioners who play relaxation music to enhance their treatments to their clients. These practitioners have told us that when their treatments have concluded, clients regularly comment on the lovely music they have listened to during their treatment and often request details of the album title or artist in order to purchase this music to listen to at home.

    We already have a number of alternative therapy practitioners such as Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists and Reiki Practitioners and retailers such as Gift Shops and Day Spa’s who regularly use the music on this site.

    Therefore we have recently created a mutually beneficial offer which provides the opportunity to purchase music from this site for resale to your clients or customers providing you with an excellent opportunity to add value to your service and obtain additional income.

    We offer a 50% discount for a minimum order of 10 albums. You can choose the quantity of each album you require as long as you purchase a total of 10 CD’s.

    Ordering is easy. Simply send us an e-mail via our contact page telling us that you are interested and we will make contact with you.

    You can make payment online and we ship all wholesale orders the day that your order is received so there are no hold-ups!

    We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.


    Comments (5)

    1. Jose Mora

      Would like to buy whole some of your CDs. I do have an on line store. Please let me know how this works. I am in the United States

    2. Joyce

      Hi Neil,
      I have listened to you music. How peaceful. I am a Massage Therapist & Hypnotherapist and am currently setting up my website. I wold love to sell your CD’s.on my site. I live in Illinois, U.S. would that be an issue


      • Neil H Music

        Hi Joyce,

        Thank you for your comment.

        No, we have international wholesale distributors as well as UK ones. The only potential additional cost to you would be the shipping to the US from the UK

        Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to contact us.

        Neil H Music

    3. Hywel Jenkins

      Hi there.

      Massive fan of your music & would love to sell it at my float centre if poss?

      Best Wishes

      • Neil H Music

        Hi Hywel,

        Thanks for getting in touch, we have sent you an e-mail with details. Thanks for your kind comments and for getting in touch.

        Neil H Music.

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